About Van Phuc City


About Van Phuc City

Van Phuc City is located in an area with 3 sides bordering the Saigon River in Thu Duc City, area 198 Ha, invested by Dai Phuc Real Estate Group. Van Phuc City is expected to be a “settlement and career” place for about 45,000 residents with a variety of kind of house including townhouses, villas, shophouses, and apartments

About Van Phuc City

Location of Van Phuc City

Van Phuc City urban area is located right in front of National Highway 13, adjacent to Metro 3B line. From the project, residents can conveniently move by road and waterway to the center of Ho Chi Minh City, accessing existing external facilities such as:

  • Traveling by river bus to the center of Ho Chi Minh City takes only 15 minutes
  • 1km to Pham Van Dong Boulevard
  • 7km to the center of District 1
  • 9km to Tan Son Nhat International Airport
  • 4km to Eastern bus station
  • 3-5km to  E-mart, Gigamall Thu Duc, Co.op Mart Binh Trieu
  • 10km to Ho Chi Minh City National University
Location of Van Phuc City

In addition, Van Phuc City possesses very good regional connectivity. Residents can easily move to satellite cities such as Di An city, Thuan An city, Binh Duong province and the eastern provinces by National Highway 13, National Highway 1 and Pham Van Dong Boulevard

Floor plan & Design of Van Phuc City

Van Phuc City is divided into subdivisions: Sunlake Shop Villas, Royal Van Phuc, Golden Shophouse, Mansion Van Phuc, Van Phuc Center. Van Phuc City included: luxury apartments, riverside villas, townhouses, shophouses.

Floor plan & Design of Van Phuc City

Golden Shophouse subdivision

Golden Shophouse subdivision is located at the entrance of the Van Phuc City, adjacent to Ocean World amusement park and a cluster of commercial centers. Golden Shophouse subdivision introduces 367 shophouses to the market as follows:

Golden Shophouse subdivision
  • Area: 189m2 – 207m2 – 220m2 (9mx21m, 9mx23m, 10mx22m)
  • Structure: 5 floors – 6 floors, including 1 basement, 1 ground floor and 4 floors
  • Handover: finishing the outside, the inside is rough

Sunlake Shop Villa subdivision

Sunlake Shop Villa is one of the most beautiful subdivisions in the urban area, Sunlake shop Villa subdivision has a view of Nhat Dai Lake, a view of Song Trang Canal and a walkway along Song Trang canal with a length of 2km.

Sunlake Shop Villas are Shop Villas with an area of ​​7×23 m, including 1 basement and 4 floors with a combination of modern and neoclassical architecture.

Sunlake Shop Villa subdivision

Royal Van Phuc subdivision

Royal Van Phuc subdivision has 170 high-class commercial townhouses – premium shophouse with European – Neoclassical design with design information as follows:

Design: 6 floors, including 1 basement, 1 ground floor, 1 mezzanine and 3 floors

Area: 7x20m, 7×20.5m, 7x22m

Royal Van Phuc subdivision

Van Phuc Mansion subdivision

Van Phuc Mansion subdivision includes single and duplex villas with an area of ​​230-460m2, bearing the luxurious neoclassical architectural style. Van Phuc Mansion villa area in the Southeast subdivision in Van Phuc City is located on the right of Saigon River and the marina of Van Phuc City.

Van Phuc Mansion subdivision

Van Phuc Center Subdivision

Van Phuc Center subdivision is a commercial center, high-class apartments built on an area of 9,100 m2, deployed from 2021 to 2023. The apartments at Van Phuc Center are delicately designed and take advantage of The views overlooking Dai Nhat lake are 16 hectares wide.

Van Phuc Center Subdivision

Internal utilities of Van Phuc City

With the model of “city in the heart of the city”, Van Phuc City is invested to build fully functional works, utilities, internal services of high standards. The project can fully satisfy residents with a fully equipped living environment surrounded by a large natural green area.

Internal utilities of Van Phuc City

Van Phuc City urban area owns outstanding internal facilities such as:

  • Dai Nhat lake has an area of 16 hectares
  • The Long park riverside park is 3.4 km long
  • Diamond Square – where spectacular and impressive water shows are performed
  • Ocean World amusement park
  • Moon River canal is 2 km long

Summary about Van Phu City

Business nameVan Phuc City
DeveloperDai Phuc Group
Area198 Ha
TypeApartment, shophouse, townhouse, villa
LocationHiep Binh Phuoc ward, Thu Duc City
ParkThe Long Park Riverside, 3,4 km long; Ocean World
LakeHave (Dai Nhat Lake, area 16Ha)
SquareDiamonds Square
SchoolEmasi International High School
HospitalVan Phuc Hospital

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